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TRI - Valley Trailriders, INC.

 For most Current Trail Info please check out Tri-Valley Trail Riders, Inc. on Facebook



   At this time trails are CLOSED lack of snow 


Monthly Meetings are Held on the 2nd Thursday of the Month at 7:30 PM

Verona VFW

Marble Hill Inn 

ALLSTATE insurance



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Model 06


Club Officers

President- Bill Vineall

Vice President- Tim Carr

Assistant Vice president-Chris Wright

Secretary-Juanita Sweet

Treasurer-Dan McNally


Board of Directors 

Chairman: Bobby Raymond

Jeff Hull

Rosanne Warner

David Hartley


Tri-Valley Trailriders

Post Office Box 600

Oneida, New York 13421-0600


Next club meeting is February 8th at 7:30 pm Verona VFW

Tri-Valley Trailriders is taking part of the NYSSA Super Raffle with over 50 prizes this year. Top 3 are snowmobiles and tickets are $5.00 each with $2.50 comes back to support Tri-Valley Trailriders.


Tri-Valley Trail Riders, INC is a 100% volunteer club and is a 501 c3 non-for profit

TRI – VALLEY                                                                                   Membership

TRAIL RIDERS, INC.                                                                       Application

P.O. Box 600                                                                          2015 – 2016 SEASON

Oneida, NY 13421-0600                                                       April 1st – March 31st

Phone (315) 366-5444                                                           Membership Dues $30.00                               This includes your $5.00 NYSSA Fee

 Monthly meetings are held at Verona VFW,At 7:30 pm, on the 2ndThursday of every month.  Look us up on FACEBOOK.

Trail Defender (+$20.00):

Add NYSSA Trail Defender Membership by checking here. $20.00 will be making your membership dues $50.00.

PAC Agree NYSSA Member:

Twenty five cents of $5 NYSSA dues will be used for the NYS Snowmobile PAC (Political Action Committee) who is our voice in Albany. If this member does wish to contribute to the NYS Snowmobile PAC, please check this box. Please note NYSSA dues remain $5.00.

Use of Member’s Personal Information:

The NYSSA default is that members will receive occasional offers and promotions by U.S. Mail directly from NYSSA Sponsors and he/she is at least 18 years of age. If he/she wishes to NOT TO receive promotional mailings or is under 18 years of age please check this box.

Please Print Clearly


Name: ___________________________________________________________________________


Address: __________________________________________________________________________


City: _______________________           State: _______         Zip: ____________

 Number of Sleds you might be registering__________          

County of Residence_________________                                                                       

Family Membership____________                       Individual Membership ____________


Family Members Names


Spouse or Life partner: ____________________________________________


Kids under the Age of 18:


Phone Number (_______) _________-____________


Email Address: _____________________________________________________


Along with updates, events, and monthly meeting minutes

If you like yours mailed please enclose a self addressed stamped envelope.


PRIMEARY CLUB NAME if you belong to another club _______________________________

(If Belong to another club membership fee is $25.00)


Please check the following if you’re able to assist with any club functions:

As this club is dependent on its volunteers, which we all are in this club.

            ___      Club Fundraising                                                                                          Club use only

            ___      Trial Maintenance (pre and /or post season)              Payment Method 

             ____     Grooming                                                                                         Cash Check#            ___      

                                                                                                                                     Amount    $_____________                                                                                                                                                                                                        Entered to NYSSA System by____________


 Or go on line to and pick Tri-Valley Trailriders, Inc.