Tri-Valley Trail Riders, Inc.

Ride Right and Stay Between the Stakes.

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If you are new to snowmobiling, welcome aboard and here are a few tips to keep you safe on the trails.

*Always yield the right of way to the groomers

*Obey posted speed limits

*Please stay on designated trails or we may lose the permission of the land owner

*Be sure your sled is registered and insured as required by New York State law

*Don't drink and drive

*Remember, there is line, but the right side is mine

Text Box: Thanks to All of our Landowners.
Without you, we would have No Sport.

We ask that all riders please remember that the trail system is made possible with the permission of private landowners.


Respect our landowners by:

Staying on the trail and not littering on their property.


Thank you again to all of our landowners for helping us have a great trail system!


   To contact us:


  Tri-Valley Trail Riders, Inc.

   PO Box 600

   Oneida, NY 13421


New York State Snowmobile Association

Website Link, click the NYSSA logo below.




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Tri Valley need your help!

We need assistance getting the trails ready for the coming season.
Trails must be signed and cleared, any help appreciated.

Contact Jamie @ 427-7003

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Trails Are OPEN.

TVTR Club Trail behind the Tombstone at Utica Rome Speedway is CLOSED.
Use Extreme Caution at Cooper St. Swamp.


Please ride safe and notify us of any unsafe trail conditions at: 315-366-5444.

Full Line of Coats


FXR Gear


Slides and Goggles


   Stop in at T Small’s for parts, gear and all your snowmobile needs.

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The Groomer Below is currently FOR SALE.

Please contact the club with any questions or prices.

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